June 29 (evening session): Decisions, decisions (and a great guitar take) 

With the deadline for the CD drawing closer--Trespass Music, who is distributing it, needs a first set of CDs by August 1--it was time to start figuring out what was left to do. On the drive over, I made the decision to stop work on "Star Light."  I like this song a lot and we had already recorded guitar, bass, and drum tracks.  But it's got a complicated structure and was clearly going to take more work than the other songs.  So it was put on the shelf for the next CD.

The next issue was to see if I would be able to cover the three electric guitar parts we had planned.  After a few runs through "Talk is Just Talk," it was clear this wasn't one I could do.  The song has a country feel--a style I don't know well--and lots of space for a guitar to fill.  Eric proposed asking Kevin Barry--a professional touring guitarist who has played with, among others, Paula Cole and Peter Wolf--if he could come in and so we left a message for Kevin and moved on.

I had better luck with "Every Wrong Thing," a song which found its groove after Mike Connors added his great Caribbean drum part.  For this song, I played Eric's vintage Guild Starfire electric, which has a full, round tone and fit the sound of the song perfectly.  In a few takes, I had a part we both liked--check out the rough mix below.

We toyed briefly with the remaining electric guitar song--"Love in the Middle Ages"--but quickly decided that this was also one better left for Kevin.  So after making a quick rough mix of "Every Wrong Thing" we called it a day.