"One of the finest songwriters I have heard in the past couple of years.  Randall can write about the ordinary things that are part of living, family, love, and work and touch his audience every time." - Ellen Schmidt, producer and musician

"The first time I heard Randall Kromm's song Water Wheel I knew I was going to record it.  He has captured beautifully in one four minute song an idea I have been inarticulately yapping about for decades.  My hope is that now lots of people will make the effort to discover the work of this very talented man."  - Don White, musician

"Songs of common life . . . presented like a conversation with a friend over a dinner table" - Tom Smith, musician

Live Performance Clips

"Home" w/ Kenny Selcer (May 2014)

"Bluegrass Sunday" w/ Emma & Grace (2012)

"Come Back Every Summer" w/band (2014)

"Ready for the Sun" w/ Eric Kilburn (2015)