June 7 (afternoon session): A little bit of this, a little bit of that

After a bunch of easy and efficient studio days, it was probably only fair that one would go a little less as expected.  I planned to get to the studio by 2:30 pm (coming into work at 5:30 in the morning to make sure I got everything done), but a series of traffic jams made it almost an hour later by the time I arrived at Wellspring.  We then started with some tries on the vocal of the uptempo title track "Love in the Middle Ages," but this was one of those off days (a bad pollen day, for one thing) and it took quite a few tries to get close to what we wanted.  After that, Eric and I spent a while working on the instrumental arrangement of "Star Light," which starts with a high part we ultimately decided should be played on a mandola (played by me) with mandolin accompaniment (played by Eric).  Rather than recording that, though, we decided to try to wrap up my bass playing, ultimately recording parts for two song.  First, I recorded a simple, unobtrusive part for the violin-and-voice showcase "Desert Stars."  We then turned to "I Don't Know" and, after trying a few different things, I put together a fretless bass part featuring long sliding notes that I was very happy with.  In the end, good progress was made, although it means I still have a few voice parts left to do.

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